Since 1982, FRONT-LINE has brought you the latest in Buses For Sale:  motor coaches, mini buses, school buses, services & parts. Offerings are shown on our pages from dealers, operating firms and individuals nationwide. We make a big effort to reach all charter and motor coach operators in all 50 states. Our mailing list is updated constantly to reflect moves, changes, ins & outs of the business. You will always find latest information and the coach you need for your business on these pages. Ads run in the printed edition and on the website.


FRONT-LINE is mailed Regular U.S.Mail twice monthly to all motor coach operators in the U.S.A. Plus subscribers. We reach the coach buyers! Annual subscription others, U.S. $15.00, CN $25.

ADVERTISING DEADLINE: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Mailed Tuesday of next week. Layout display ad exactly as you want it to print, or email ad as a pdf file. Images placed should be grayscale BEFORE placing on layout. For 2-color use process blue on layout. You may send full color layouts as well to be used on internet edition, at no extra charge.

Ads must be prepaid, we DO NOT INVOICE for advertising. Rates are NET. Discounts only as listed.


$30.-30 words-1 time +$.50 each addit’l word.$50. –  2  times  + $  .75 each addit’l word.

$95.- 4  times +$1.25 each addit’l word.    –   $135. –  6  times  + $2.00 each addit’l word.

$250.-12 times + $3.85 each addit’l word.  Telephone numbers with area code as one word.


       SIZE:               1-Time        2-Times          6-Times          12-Times

   1/8 P (3 1/8 x 2)     $105.            $205.              $510.                  $970.

    1/4 P (3 1/8 x 4)    $205.            $335.              $915.                $1700.

    1/2 P (6 1/4 x 4)    $330.            $545.            $1360.                $2440.  

       1 P (6 x 8)          $490.            $850.            $2395.                $4595.

Photographs included at no charge. Medium or hi-resolution digital photos and regular camera prints OK.

Two Color: NO CHARGE! for 2-color if ad is made-up, or we can change easilly. Colors are red & black for first issue, blue & black for second issue. $90. PER ISSUE for special colors. When making up ad, use process blue for second color so all ads will match… ink color on press determines printing.

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